We help you go beyond in extracting business value from your data.

SORINT.tek is the Business Unit of SORINT.lab Group focused on developing Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning solutions. We design, manage, and support end-to-end data-driven strategies for partners and clients, ranging from the design and implementation of Big Data and Fast Data architectures to the development of models and neural networks, enabling informed business decisions through data representation.

We are a diverse and continuously growing team of professionals with highly qualified skills. We strongly believe in continuous learning and serve as a reliable partner in adopting Advanced Analytics as an effective business tool.

With significant expertise across various domains and sectors, including Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, we have leveraged our experiences, aided by our proprietary IoT Asset Management and Operation Intelligence platform: MangroviaIoT.

Innovation is one of our core values, and we consider Research and Development as the concrete means to achieve it.

SORINT.tek is a member of the mechatronics consortium Intellimech, a partner of AFIL – Lombardy Smart Factory Association – and collaborates with various academic institutions and enterprise vendors.

Together, in collaboration with operational and business areas, we transform data into action with the aim of creating tangible value.

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