Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

Collecting, storing and analyzing business operations data, providing a summary of historical and current data to show past or present events, answering “what” and “how” questions so that you can repeat what works and correct what doesn’t. That is Business Intelligence.
Sorint.Tek can work in tandem with your organization to successfully implement a data-driven strategy and help you extract deeper insights, make predictions and generate recommendations. We accomplish this by deploying Advanced Analytics solutions that provide the statistical tools and the algorithms to analyze data patterns and embedded relationships, and that help to drive competitive advantage and sustained growth for your business.

Deep Learning

At Sorint.Tek we use Deep Learning algorithms, the most recent and successful breed of Machine Learning algorithms, for Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and to analyze and derive insights from unstructured data.

With the use of Nvidia technology and the most recent architectures, we have developed custom computer vision solutions for Video Analytics and Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Biomedical Applications.

Furthermore, through our partnerships with local Universities, we can code and implement custom solutions to train Deep Learning algorithms with limited quantity of data. Such solutions speed up the time to market of Deep Learning applications and at the same time helping help to contain the inherent costs of data collection and human labelling.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is everywhere. Sorint.Tek is your trusted partner to transform Machine Learning into an actual business tool. We can help you learn from your data, both structured and unstructured, to make predictions, provide business insights and make recommendations.

At Sorint.Tek we not only master Machine Learning algorithms, but we also have the technical know-how to successfully deploy Machine Learning in production and to work along your side from early planning, to the data ingestion and clean-up, all the way to training and model deployment.

Data Security

Increase in data usage and consumption comes with data security risks. Data security is the operation of guarding data and analytics processes, both in the cloud and on-premise, from any number of factors that could compromise their integrity and confidentiality.

Concerns surrounding the storage, management, transmission, mining, and analyzing of data are an even bigger issue when regulations come into play.


MLOps is emerging as a new powerful paradigm to speed up the time to market of all your Machine Learning based applications.
MLOps borrows the experience and the concepts of DevOps and merges them with the practices of Machine Learning development, enabling continuous collaboration and communication between data scientists and operations to manage the production of Machine Learning and Deep Learning lifecycles. With MLOps all assets, including models and datasets, are tracked, versioned, audited, and certified so that models can be efficiently improved upon and to guarantee reproducibility of the results.
At Sorint.Tek we consistently follow MLOps practices to bring our Machine Learning models to production reliably and with predictable performances. With our expertise, we can support your team to adopt the same practices and successfully use them in all your Machine Learning initiatives.

Internet of Things

It impacts on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory.

An IoT ecosystem consists of smart network-connected devices such as environmental sensors, thermal power plants, thermal chambers, audio and vibration sensors… that use embedded systems to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments, for the benefit of greater process automation and the ability to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to create new business and value services.

Big Data

The volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data are the defining dimensions of Big Data. Sorint.Tek has several years of experience in architecting, deploying, managing and evolving modern Data Lakes and Data Hubs that can handle all four dimensions. 

We can support your organization in making the right choices to avoid data silos, enable data sharing across your organization, provide data governance and security and permit your team to extract business value from structured and unstructured data alike.

Smart City

A better use of space, less traffic, cleaner air and more efficient civic services. Cities are digitally transforming to improve the environmental, social , and financial aspects of urban life by using data and technology to create efficiency, improve sustainability, support (o encourage) economic development and enhance quality of life factors for people living and working in the city.
The result? An urban centre that uses technology not only to improve its operations, but also to connect with citizens, businesses and non-profit organisations in innovative ways.

Industry 4.0

Digital innovation in operational, manufacturing and logistics processes.
Smart industry means improving the way processes are monitored, managed and optimized, and accelerates intelligent factory and industry 4.0 initiatives, extending connectivity, interoperability, mobility and all information to enterprise equipment and systems.
Thanks to enabling technologies, companies will be able to radically innovate their business model, with the aim to integrate new production technologies, increase the production quality of plants, to reduce the company’s costs and improve working conditions.

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