Artificial intelligence and perimeter security

Recent advances in Computer Vision allow real-time recognition of moving objects within complex scenes. These innovations now find now applications in many areas including autonomous driving, vehicle traffic management and various industrial and security applications. Sacbo, in partnership with SORINT.tek, was provided with a system that identifies entry into user-definable areas specific to each person

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Prognostics and Health Management

An overview about Prognostics and Health Management, an engineering discipline that aims to the real-time health assessment of a system and the prediction of its future state. It is tied to the concept of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), a management philosophy whose purpose is the optimization of the maintenance activity in order to reduce downtimes and

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Jupyter (R)Evolution for Data Engineering

The Jupyter Project revolutionized the Data Science field, speeding up the exploration of data. With a progressive approach another interesting phenomenon occurred: even also the area of Data Engineering improved with the introduction of Jupyter.  The deployment of Jupyter in the Infocert’s Data Engineering team and the benefits grew as soon as it became the

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Deep Learning applied to the medical field

TAC scans are an important diagnostic tool for the screening, diagnosis and evaluation of Covid-19 induced pneumonia cases. Poliambulanza Brescia and SORINT.tek are developing a system for the collecting of CT scans and their automatic annotation to identify areas with injuries associated to the presence of pneumonia. The system can be used for case screening

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NLP & ChatBot with Rasa

A small introduction to the world of chatbots and NLP.  An excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested in the subject, but does not know where to start. After a brief introduction to the world of chatbots and NLP, the basic concepts will be presented, and finally the use of Rasa to create a simple

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Machine Learning Pipelines with Sklearn

The Sklearn module Pipeline is a handy tool to chain processing and prediction step together in a whole block. It makes Data Scientist life easier. A brief introduction of the module and its methods together with few practical examples. Machine Learning Pipelines with Sklearn

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MangroviaIoT – asset management & operation intelligence

MangroviaIoT is the result of many years of experience in software development and advanced analytics in the Enterprise IoT sector. It’s an asset management and operation intelligence IoT platform: a solution aimed at improving business processes, of fast implementation, scalable and flexible, and that is capable of adapting itself to heterogenous contexts.  

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Analytics and gas distribution

A Smart Metering System is an intelligent network through which an advanced and efficient measurement system is able to remotely control and manage end-user counters. It consists of three basic elements – the meter, a communication network and a control center – for collecting information from meters, validate such information and activate the computerized processes

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Industry 4.0: Prognostic and Health Management

Tra i molti benefici che la digitalizzazione dell’industria può portare vi è la possibilità di ridurre i costi di manutenzione e incrementare l’affidabilità dei macchinari attraverso la Smart Maintenance. Questo termine spesso usato come sinonimo di Predictive Maintenance indica la capacità di effettuare la manutenzione dei macchinari solo quando effettivamente necessario e quindi minimizzando sia

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