Energy Management – MangroviaIoT

Why is measuring energy consumption is so important?

An energy audit – which must be done every 4 years – is currently mandatory only for large and energy intensive companies. It is also strongly recommended for SMEs as well because it allows them to implement measurements and improvement actions in order to understand how to optimize the energy consumption of a plant or an activity. The values based on estimates and calculations – starting from the second cycle of energy diagnosis (indicatively from December 2019) – will no longer be considered valid and it will be necessary to measure a large part of the energy carriers under analysis, providing a real monitoring system.

In the Energy Management scenario, MangroviaIoT is the asset management and operational intelligence platform that can monitor the infrastructure in field and acquire the data collected.

A metering platform brings several benefits, not only for those companies whose main goal is energy efficiency, but also for those ones that believe measuring means taking real steps towards achieving their business goals and contributing to the energy transition.

In general an IOT platform has several advantages: from the measurement automation to the availability of reliable and detailed data on the consumption updated in real time or as needed, storified for analysis or for predictive activities and simulations, as well as the possibility of setting alarms in critical situations.

MangroviaIoT is a scalable and flexible solution, it’s an IoT platform that has fast implementation and it’s low cost, it allows the analysis of punctual or aggregated data, providing geospatial, time or process views. MangroviaIoT is also integrable with any type of sensor (Smart Meters, Smart Room Sensor, Industrial Sensor, Agriculture Sensor) and supports different types of communication protocols (SIM card, LoRaWAN, Via cable..).

Even if currently the main use cases are energy intensive companies and energy distributors, the features of MangroviaIoT make it a solution suitable for SMEs that want to optimize their consumption.

Photovoltaic, heat pumps, car recharge, cogeneration, energy communities: these are topics at the heart of the energy transition process in which a platform like MangroviaIoT is a particularly useful tool for those who are building plants and want to monitor them over the years – even remotely – to have them under control and optimize their operation.

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